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Marie France Bodyline REBORN Slimming Wrap [HOT/COLD] Spree 1
*Definitly authentic, get to know from supplier that Marine France Bodyline get their wrap from this factory REBORN.*

Status: [[[ COMPLETED ]]]

Spree starts on: 28/12/2008 12 NOON

End Date and Time: 06/01/2009 12 NOON *Might close early or extend if neccessary*

Capping at: 22 / 22 *Only paid orders will be considered*

This is my first time ordering from this supplier. Please join if you feel comfortable about that. Nevertheless, hope this spree will be a quick one. So that I can place order fast and get it import soon. My service usually is 100% fast and effective in all my sprees. So please work together with me. Don't worry, I will be friendly and nice to everyone. So do you? Do make an effort to check your email regulary. After place order, please get the payment done as soon as possible try within 24 hours. Any problem, you can email or tag me. Dead/Slow Buyer = Not welcome. =)

Price is fixed. No discount to be fair with everyone. Please do not bargain as this is the best deal I can get.

Enough said, here come the products..........


Chinese New Year and Valentine's day will be around the corner...

Do you wanna know how to lose weight without eating diet pills and not spamming lotsa of money on salon?

Recommended for YOU to buy

No more exercising, sweating for you girls anymore. (But of course, exercising is recommended)

Here's the new slimming wrap from Marie France Bodyline that you can use to target those stubborn areas that you have always wanted to get rid of.

You just have to cut the wrap according to your targeted areas, like your tummy, arms and thights.Wait for 30-45 minutes and you will see results!!

Lose fat even while lying on your own bed!

Have you heard before of Marie France Bodyline?


The spokewoman of Marie France Bodyline in Hong Kong

SouthEast Asia's No.1 Hottest Female - Christy Chung

Do you know that she has a 7 year-old daughter?? In Marie France , S$2000 enables you to use 20 rolls of the wraps, NOW you just need S$150 to enjoy the same benefits and have the results HAPPEN on YOU !!!

Everyone knows Marie France, you pay for the treatments and you don't bring your flabs back. NOW with the same treatments and results, you pay only 7.5% of the total sum you pay Marie France!

How to choose between HOT and COLD wraps?

For extreme areas of your body that need serious slimming, use the HOT wrap. [Chilli extract]HOT wrap = Reduces Fats and Swollen areas

Stimulates the cells & increases metabolism. Helps to get rid of excess water that is retained in our body. Increases body ability to break down sugar, decreases the chance of carbohydrates turning into fats.

For less serious areas of your body, use COLD wrap. [Mint Herb extract]COLD wrap = Reduces Fats and Tightens skin.

Strengthens the skin's elasticity and tightens skin so as to reduce fine lines. Prevents cellulite & helps to eliminate toxins in our body.

If you intend to get only the HOT wrap, it is SUGGESTED that you babes use 2 - 4 times of HOT wraps and then subsequently use the COLD wrap. This is because the COLD wrap actually reduces extra fats and tightens the skin, leaving no flabs flying around =P


Made with natural plant extracts including Paullinia, Cupana, Hedera Helix extract, Ginger extract essence, Chilli pepper oil [ HOT wrap] & Mint Herbs extract [Cold wrap], etc

No alcohol, won't cause skin sensitivity; no side effects. Also added are moisturising ingredients so the skin is protected all round & gives a gleaming effect after use.


Before using, measure the area you want to target.


Wrap the area with the HOT/COLD wrap


With plastic wrap, hold the HOT/COLD wrap in place.


Right after removal of wrap. (Distinct redness indicates blood circulation.)


Measure again, and VIOLA! a slimmer calf


SELF-slimming procedures

1. It will be better if you use this after bathing. If not, use a warm moist towel to wipe the area you willl be wrapping the HOT/COLD wrap on.

2. Wrap around your targeted area(waist/arms/thighs) with the wrap as many times as you want.

3. With the use of plastic wrap, hold the HOT/COLD wrap in place.

4. Use scotch tape to hold all the wraps together.

5. Leave it to burn your fats for 30 to 45 minutes.

6. Massage the essence into your skins for about 2 - 5 minutes after removing the wrap.

7. Use a warm towel to wipe the wrapped area (optional)

Note: If you have massaging cream, use the wrap after using the massaging cream but not use it with the wrap. [ prevent mixture of essences. ] It is normal to feel a HOT tingling sensation for both wraps. If you are unable to withstand the sensation, place your wraps in the fridge to lower the spiciness of the wraps. The HOT wrap will be spicier than the COLD wrap but both will cause a similar type of sensation. =) [ bear with it & you slim down, why not right???]

Product Specifications

1. Each wrap can be used for 2 to 4 times. [ according to areas wrapped. ]

2. Length & Breadth: 2.5m x 15cm [ per wrap ]

3. Usage to be once every couple of days. [ 2- 3 days ]

4. 1 treatment course = 15 usage of wraps.

5. 1 COLD wrap is recommended after the usage of 2 - 4 HOT wrap

6. Every treatment course might be able to help you lose 5 - 10 kg!!!

Storage Methods

1. To maintain the freshness of the wraps, keep them in the fridge, not the freezer though.

2. If not, store the wraps in a cool and dry place.


1. Do not use other liquid or semi-solid based products with the wrap as there is already essence on it.

2. Do not use on any wounds.

3. If you have super sensitive skin, please avoid using. If you use, please have a shower immediately.

4. Redness of skin is normal after the slimming wraps. It should disappear after 2 - 3 hours. If the redness persists, just use cold water to wash the affected area.

5. Do remember to wash your hands after use.

6. Prevent from wrapping too tightly around your skin. Over and Extreme usage may result in adverse effects.

How it looks like:


Got 2 types: HOT/COLD


1 packet = 1 wrap

$7.50 FOR 1 WRAP - excluded shipping, normal postage, handling fee

Additional $1 per item is for shipping

50 cents handling fee for the overall transaction

Local Postage (non-standard)

1 - 2 wraps : $1.00

3 - 4 wraps : $1.50

5 - 8 wraps : $2.55

9 - 12 wraps: $3.35 [Registered MUST be accompanied][ more than 12 wraps, please opt for meet-ups](meet-up if available for orders of more than 5 wraps)

Registered mail is top up another $2.24


($7.50 x no of quantity) + ( $1 shipping x no of quantity) + 50 cent handling fee + normal postage according to above rate + registered postage = TOTAL

Registered postage is depends on individual. But MyMagicalCloset will not be liable for lost mail due to normal postage.


1. What is the expiry date?

Expiry: 3 years from manufacturing (Mostly from last quarter of year 2007 onwards)

2. Will the hot wrap be burning hot?

Yes, it's supposed to burn yr fats, but if you cannot withstand the hotness, you can remove it.

3. Will the cold wrap be cold or burning hot?

It will be hot but not as hot as the HOT WRAP.

4. Will the effect stay?

In marine france body line, u need 15 courses to get the effect.

SO if you want to maintain the result you might wanna use it for a period of time.

After slim down, u need to take slight effort to maintain it :)

5. How often do i have to use it?

2 to 3 days once


***** Important *****

Do remember to read my Terms And Conditions for more information and also read Things To Note Before Spreeing.

Please submit your order to in the following format.

Remember to put your subject of the email also. Eg. Subject: Enquiry or Order

The format are:

- Please fill in the neccessary where applicable.

Name of buyer:
Product name:
Number of quality:
Total amount: Must be in full payment
Mailing Address:
Postage: Refer to the example of calculation section (For normal postage, i am not responsible if the item get lost so u are encouraged to use registered instead but it up to ur own individual's decision) Please let me know.
Transaction Reference ID:
Valid Email address:
Telephone no: OPTIONAL --> But just in case, it's better to leave your hp no.


I only allowed POSB TO POSB A/C.Thanks ^^

Once i received your orders through my email and i will send you my posb savings a/c number for payment. I would expect payment within 1 days either through atm transfer, internet banking etc. I had mentioned all clearly in the website itself so do take time to read it all carefully. Once you transferred the payment please give me your transaction reference id and also mailing address. I will check it. And when confirmed, i will then order also i will send an confirmation email to inform you too. Along the ways, i will keep you updated on the process. Just like how i did normally in spree.

Hope everyone enjoying shopping here.

Things to note before spreeing:
I will not be responsible if the supplier ships wrong/damaged items.
However, I will check carefully before sending out my orders to her.
I will not be responsible for normal mails if they go missing.
Registered mail is recommended but buyers had to pay for registered postage($2.24).
No meet-up unless purchase of more than 5 items. (At my own convenience).
I am not responsible for any skin sensitivity upon using the products.
Please be prepared to wait up to 2-3 weeks for the goods to arrive.
Updates will be done via email.
Please check your email regularly.
Remember to bookmark this website so that you can refer.
Please DO NOT join if you're uncomfortable with any of the above.

Please be cooperative so that this spree will be a fast spree. =)

And my email is

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